Why I celebrate birthdays once in 10 years – Bishop Oyedepo.

Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Church, also known as Winners Chapel Worldwide, has revealed that he celebrates birthdays just once in ten years…..….continue reading >>>>>>>


Oyedepo, the richest preaching pastor in Africa, said during a sermon that he lacks time to celebrate his birthday annually, saying he usually forgets his birthdays due to activities.


According to him, to attain great height, one must focus on hard work, stressing that only hard workers fly higher in the race of life.He said, “For lack of time, I can only celebrate birthday once in ten years. Any other day that you greet me regarding birthday, you are on your own..……continue reading >>>>>>>.


Only hard workers emerge as high fliers in the race of life. People are so lazy today that food is their uppermost priority. They sit down around food as if it is their enthronement”.The 67-year-old gospel preacher celebrated his last birthday on September 27, 2021.